Saturday, October 2, 2021

8 Looks that will have you believing that Beige is the new black

This October as the chill sets in and you start pulling out your warm and cozy items; Think of Beige as the new black! Same as black it is a neutral and will pair well with any other colored item. Layering beige and neutrals can make you look so much more refined and expensive than just throwing on your blacks.

Here are a few of my favorite beige looks for this season...

1. This lovely Coat Over Dress look which is finished with a warm beanie. Reminding us a little of Leighton Meester in gossip girl as Blair Waldorf.

Image from

2. These awesome Denim Leather Jeans in a gold-beige color! Ware them with layers of soft textures to make them look effortlessly cool.

Images from trnycstyle and g-enerour

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

10 Red Hair Colors for Autumn

Ok yes! lets talk red! You know how they say there is a shade of red lipstick for every complexion? Well I believe there is a red hair color for every girl...

Red can be a dynamic color and can give you the edge you looking for, or choose a different shade and it can be soft, romantic and beautiful too.

Here are some of the red hair colors to look for this Autumn...

1. Copper Red! A warm tone shade for warm tone complexions. It looks very natural and still gives you that stand out look.

Image by Beautiful Faces on Tumbler

2. Strawberry & Strawberry Ombre! If you transitioning from blonde hair to red, then this shade of strawberry will be perfect for you. 

Image found on

Friday, September 17, 2021

10 September Activities to get in to the Autumn Mood

September is the month to slowly sink in to the weather change and transition your mood from summer vibes to cozy. Here are 10 activities to do before the month is over...

1. Have a Bon Fire! 

Before the nights become to cold to sit outside have a intimate group of friends come over for a night of roasted marshmallows, warm wine, hot coco, and spicy sausages. This is something the little ones will love too, so get them involved by having them gather some wood and set up with pillows and blankets. This will also be a great opportunity for some star gazing!

2. Movie Night! 

This is the perfect season to make a watching list. Choose some old and new movies to watch and also start watching new series (there are always new programs starting in September). The great thing about being prepared with a pre-watch list, is that when you have those few couple of hours to sit down and watch something; you wont be wasting any time on last minute searching.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Couture Bridal Gowns by Kim Kassas - Spring 2022 Collection

 If you are planning a 2022 wedding, don't miss out on these whimsical wedding gowns inspired by the depth of the woods. It is definitely a fairytale look which brings magic to life. The "In to the woods" Capsule Bridal Collection by Kim Kassas is my latest bridal obsession.  

Click the image bellow to see the full  "In to the woods" collection.

If you like your dress to have a little theatrical drama then the Prima Ballerina is the right collection for you. With intricate beaded work and textures that make you want to touch, these dresses exude femininity. I find references to swan lake in the details and also reminiscent of the Great Gatsby...

Click the image bellow to see the full  " Prima Ballerinacollection.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

10 Ways to Rehydrate

Summer was great and so very hot. We enjoyed soaking up the sun, a few cocktails and a few iced lattes! But now its time to give back to our system all the hydration it needs and this is the perfect season to do so before the cold sets in. 

1. The first step is the obvious one! Drink more water... Set your water goals for the day and make sure to reach them. 8 glasses of water a day should be enough to give the message to your body that your intake of water is enough so that it does not need to hold on or retain water.

2. Get Your Citrus on! If there is a secret for long living, to reduce aging and keep healthy... the answer is citrus fruits. Have an orange for breakfast and get your energy and vitamin C you need for the day. Vitamin C will make sure you are not vulnerable to getting sick as it keeps your immune system strong!