Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Step by Step - Short Story

Doris came home from school… She dropped her school bag off her shoulders and on to the floor.

“Hello Doris!” Said Doris’ mother; “How was school?”
“It was awful” replied Doris with a sad face… “My teacher gave us a whole load of homework, and now I won’t have any time to play this week end” 

Doris’ mother smiled at her young daughter and said: “Well, I guess you should get started on your homework then… Oh! And don’t forget you still have to tidy up your room like you promised me yesterday!”  

Doris picked up her bag and left for her room. Sitting at her desk, Doris decided to start on her homework; she emptied out her school bag and was exhausted just by the sight of the large pile of thick books that fell out.