Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tick tock, tick tock said the clock... Short Story

Once upon a time in a small town, lived a hard working family named the Liverdales.

The Liverdales were a family of 5 members. Mr. and Ms. Liverdale who had 3 sons: Joseph the oldest, Mathieu in the middle, and Charles who was the youngest.

Mr. and Ms. Liverdale struggled through the years to bring up their sons on one minimum wage, for Mr. Liverdale was a carpenter and every day he would wake up early to go to work where he would build wooden treasures with his own two hands. Unfortunately in such a small town the humble people that lived there were incapable of giving more than a small reward for Mr. Liverdales hard work. Never the less, all year round Mr. Liverdale would accept what he was offered with a smile and put his small reward to good use to shelter his family. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Magical Apple Tree - Short Story

Once upon a time...

Down by the glittery river where the birds sung and the children played, grew the strong roots of the Magical Apple tree.

Every afternoon when the children came out to play the Magical Apple tree stood tall and proud; for it was the only tree that come rain or shine, it held its branches full of the sweetest red apples. 

Day after day the Magical Apple Tree allowed all the children to climb up and pick of its fruit to their hearts content. 

One day after the children ate as much as they could eat, the Magical Tree looked down to the ground and saw a little boy. This boy was much younger than all the other children and had small arms and legs that were not able to climb the tall thick trunk of the Apple tree.  After waiting for all the other boys and girls to leave, the Magical Apple Tree lowered one of its fruit filled branches and dropped in to the little boy’s small hands an apple that was as sweet as the sun kissed apples of the tallest branches. From that day on, the little boy and the Apple Tree became best friends. The little boy would come every day to the apple tree and every day the sweetest apple would fall directly in to his hands.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cyprus suffers from a massive explosion.

Cyprus suffers from a massive explosion at the Evangelos Florakis naval base in Zygi.

The island’s electricity capacity has been cut by around one third and consumers are being asked to save energy. Rolling power cuts will be introduced around the island.

Exact amount of deaths and injured is still unknown! 

This was an unnecessary tragedy caused by neglect. Today 11th July 2011 i am ashamed to be part of a community that obliviously terrorizes its own people. Human lives are precious and cannot be brought back! 

To the families that have lost their loved ones my prayers are with you.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


On the first week of July, I decided to spend a few days at the sea side in the beautiful city of Papho.
I was looking for a nice Hotel at an affordable price and came across the Roman Boutique Hotel. This Hotel is quite unique and a lovely place to spend a summer holiday. All walls, roof tops, balconies and rooms are decorated with Roman theme drawings, the staff is very polite, friendly and helpful. Rooms are clean and towels & sheets get changed every day. The pool is not very big but it is surrounded by a lovely garden of flowers and trees. Breakfast and dinner was all you could eat with delicious traditional Greek food.  It was yummy!  On a Saturday night, dinner is accompanied with live music. The Hotel also has a Bar and a Beauty & health spa (simple, nothing to extravagant). I indulged in a back, neck and shoulder massage that cost me 25 euro for 30 minutes. I must admit that I felt so much more relaxed after. It was totally worth it!
During these few days I got acquainted with other guests at the hotel. A lovely family with a beautiful baby girl and a middle aged married couple with their many children… all in all the hotel was surrounded with families on holiday and tourists.
The reason I felt the need to share my experience of my stay at the Roman Boutique Hotel is because of local rumors that the Hotel is not a recommended place to stay due to inappropriate guests and their behavior.
I noticed no such behavior during my whole stay and find this rumor to be an injustice to the beautiful establishment.
I recomend the  Roman Boutique Hotel  to anyone looking for a unique theme establishment that provides a worth while stay.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It is no secret that Music affects our mood, so use this to your advantage! Get an energy boost by listening to 3 of your favorite tunes!
In the morning on your way to work, listen to a tune that inspires you and boosts your confidence and creativity. Approach your day with positive energy and this will reflect in everything you do including your job.

Just before a night out, turn up the volume to your fave song while putting on your make up or picking out what you going to wear! You will know that you have picked the right song for this occasion if it makes you want to get up and dance!

For an extra music energy boost, pick a special tune to be your mobile ring-tone or even your morning wake up alarm sound!

Here are a few i love: Katy Perry- Firework
                                     Selena Gomez- Who Says