Tuesday, May 30, 2017

JLo hair styles for long hair

I have been growing my hair for a while and its finally down to where i want it. So before i get the urge to chop it back off, here are some of Jennifer Lopez inspired hairstyles that i want to try out...

Curly half up, half down, High Ponytail:


Big loose waves:

Half up, half down, High Ponytail with waves:


 Ponytail with curtain Bangs:


Face-framing up due:


xoxo N.G.

Friday, May 26, 2017



It is Friday and the best day to plan a new adventure...


Beautiful #Brunette

Nothing more seductive than luscious brown hair. If you are a natural Brunette or thinking of coloring your hair there are so many rich tones of brown to choose from. Another win win about going brown is that it is a fairly easy color to maintain and less expensive if you happen to be on a budget. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday Motivation

Here is Tuesdays motivational quote so you don't forget to love yourself...


#TuesdaySelfie with my baby boy

Monday, May 22, 2017

Be the queen of the Effortless Ponytail

Take a chapter out of Ariana Grande's book and try out the high ponytail...

Ripped jeans and nudes

There's nothing cooler than ripped jeans... They make you feel and look bad ass instantly! And i personally love the way these were paired off with some nude heals and oversized top.


Motivational Monday Quote

Need some motivation this Monday morning? Well here it is...


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Date ideas from A to Z

Pick a letter from A-Z and have some fun!!! I found this Alphabet Dating chart which i beleive to be a cute and fun idea especially for those days where you cant think of something interesting to do. To see the original source please click on the chart.


Rose Quartz in other words Pink

This Monday Mornings color to inspire is Rose Quartz, in other words Pink and girls will always love pink...


White and Bleu

Reminding us of the summer sky and cool oceans, this summer lets wear our white and blues...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Medium length Blonde hair

Have you been enjoying your long blonde hair and now come to realize that keeping your hair light has created some damage? Is it time to bring out the scissors? Don't stress because the medium length has been in for a while and is super easy to wear up or down...

xoxo N.G.

Feminine inspiration Natalia Oreiro

Ok, so i have been a Natalia Oreiro fan ever since 'Muneca Brava' eared years ago. Natalia is sweet and spicy and has all the goods of a "Femme Fatale". With talent, style and a killer smile she has been an inspiration since my teen years...



This is going to be a long post of my favorite photos of Natalia Oreiro, so you might want to go ahead and click on the "Read More" below...

Friday, May 19, 2017

Be a bad ass chick and wear it on your sleeve

Badass Skinny Cuff // Feminist + Mantra + Bridesmaid + Bad Bitch + Dainty + Strong As Hell + Graduation Handstamped Featherweight Bracelet


Perfect Tattoo Placement

The placement of these tattoos are spot on! 

One of a kind gift ides for your man and your music lover

Trying to think of a unique and heartfelt gift to give your man? Well i think this idea is so sweet and will have him thinking of you...


Jacket centerpiece

Want to elevate your outfit? All you need is an eye catching Jacket to make the difference... Jean Jacket, leather Jacket or sequenced Jacket can add texture, color and character to your look. Why even mention Jackets when the sun is getting hotter and all you want to do is live in your bikini? Because Jackets tend to be pricey items, but taking advantage of the hot season when the price of Jackets go down, you might be lucky enough to find some striking peaces on sale...

BohoBeauty Style

Freedom, Inspiration, Natural Beauty all comes together with the care free Gypsy look.
Beautiful Boho heart.

Get The Look

There is nothing about this look that i do not love...

BCBGMAXAZRIA Nancie Long-Sleeve Multipattern Romper ($268 usd) also here, Steve Madden ‘Staarz’ Ankle Fringe Sandal ($86.90 usd)


Most popular Hair trend 2017

This hair trend is booming and seems like it will be the next best thing for a long time to come. With the perfect combination of brown and blonde hair we have come to love the Bronde look. It is also a great way to transition from brown hair to eventually going blonde without that awkward in-between stage.  


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Childhood characters that inspire

From AAA State of Play here are some inspiring infographics that remind us of our childhood.

   The Flash / DC Universe:
Merida / Brave:

  Chef G / Ratatouille:
  Emperor / Mulan:
  Jack / Samurai Jack:
  Action Hank / Dexter's Laboratory:
  Ralph / Wreck-It Ralph:
  Jake / Adventure Time:
  Meowth / Pokemon:
  Dumbledore / Harry Potter:
  Olaf / Frozen:
   Stich / Lilo &Stich:
  Gerald / Hey Arnold:
  BMO / Adventure Time:
  Rafiki / Lion King:
  Dory / Finding Nemo:
  Iroh / Avatar: The Last Airbender:
  Sophie / Howl's Moving Castle:
  Edna Mode / The Incredibles:
  Ellie / Up:
  Buzz Lightyear / Toy Story:
  And many more: