Thursday, July 24, 2014

DIY Pallet Chair

For my fathers 63rd birthday i wanted to get him something special and since he is quite difficult to buy for, because he is a strong believer of not spending money; I decided that it would be a good idea to give him a hand made gift.


My idea was to make him a piece of furniture like an arm chair so he can use when he is outdoors or even at home.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tickets to Belgrade Serbia

I am so exited!

My husband and i  were not planning to go on summer vacation this year and then all of a sudden an unexpected burst of will to travel came upon us; and we decided to search for affordable tickets.

After looking for tickets to Greece which is not far from Cyprus where we live; we were a little disappointed. Our last minute unpredictability and lack of organizing left us only with the very expensive high season August tickets that we could not afford.

Seeing as we could not change our dates which are fixed by the companies the two of us work for, i was almost sure that we would not find something such last minute.

It was my friend Maria who suggested looking in to Serbia! She had booked her tickets to go there about a month ago; and will leave in the last week of July. She said that the tickets from Cyprus were affordable and also great for those who don't like spending lots of time in the airport because of direct flight availability.

It took me about a few minutes after my conversation with Maria to go on line and check out the prices and the destination. To be honest Serbia was not on my bucket list to visit but after some research i could not be more exited to go there.

Just check out these beautiful photos:

Booking a hotel to stay was also surprisingly affordable and we managed to do so online. We even requested an early check in, seeing as we are to arrive in the early hours of the morning and the Hotel staff were very helpful to accommodate us earlier at a 1/2 price rate.

So we are now counting down the days for our last minute summer vacation to Belgrade Serbia!

I thought i would share my exitment with you :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Go Pink

Do you have blonde hair and want to spice it up a little?
Are you flirty?

Long Summer Braids

It is summer and the heat is rising here in the Mediterranean. I have heard about 3 of my female friends talking about cutting their long beautiful hair just to ease a little bit  of the heat. 

Seriously, after growing it the whole of winter putting a scissors to your head should not even be an option! But that is just my opinion, i do have a special love for long hair and i think it gives a more feminine and sexy look.