Tuesday, September 21, 2021

10 Red Hair Colors for Autumn

Ok yes! lets talk red! You know how they say there is a shade of red lipstick for every complexion? Well I believe there is a red hair color for every girl...

Red can be a dynamic color and can give you the edge you looking for, or choose a different shade and it can be soft, romantic and beautiful too.

Here are some of the red hair colors to look for this Autumn...

1. Copper Red! A warm tone shade for warm tone complexions. It looks very natural and still gives you that stand out look.

Image by Beautiful Faces on Tumbler

2. Strawberry & Strawberry Ombre! If you transitioning from blonde hair to red, then this shade of strawberry will be perfect for you. 

Image found on yourclassylook.com

Friday, September 17, 2021

10 September Activities to get in to the Autumn Mood

September is the month to slowly sink in to the weather change and transition your mood from summer vibes to cozy. Here are 10 activities to do before the month is over...

1. Have a Bon Fire! 

Before the nights become to cold to sit outside have a intimate group of friends come over for a night of roasted marshmallows, warm wine, hot coco, and spicy sausages. This is something the little ones will love too, so get them involved by having them gather some wood and set up with pillows and blankets. This will also be a great opportunity for some star gazing!

2. Movie Night! 

This is the perfect season to make a watching list. Choose some old and new movies to watch and also start watching new series (there are always new programs starting in September). The great thing about being prepared with a pre-watch list, is that when you have those few couple of hours to sit down and watch something; you wont be wasting any time on last minute searching.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Couture Bridal Gowns by Kim Kassas - Spring 2022 Collection

 If you are planning a 2022 wedding, don't miss out on these whimsical wedding gowns inspired by the depth of the woods. It is definitely a fairytale look which brings magic to life. The "In to the woods" Capsule Bridal Collection by Kim Kassas is my latest bridal obsession.  

Click the image bellow to see the full  "In to the woods" collection.

If you like your dress to have a little theatrical drama then the Prima Ballerina is the right collection for you. With intricate beaded work and textures that make you want to touch, these dresses exude femininity. I find references to swan lake in the details and also reminiscent of the Great Gatsby...

Click the image bellow to see the full  " Prima Ballerinacollection.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

10 Ways to Rehydrate

Summer was great and so very hot. We enjoyed soaking up the sun, a few cocktails and a few iced lattes! But now its time to give back to our system all the hydration it needs and this is the perfect season to do so before the cold sets in. 

1. The first step is the obvious one! Drink more water... Set your water goals for the day and make sure to reach them. 8 glasses of water a day should be enough to give the message to your body that your intake of water is enough so that it does not need to hold on or retain water.

2. Get Your Citrus on! If there is a secret for long living, to reduce aging and keep healthy... the answer is citrus fruits. Have an orange for breakfast and get your energy and vitamin C you need for the day. Vitamin C will make sure you are not vulnerable to getting sick as it keeps your immune system strong!  

Friday, September 3, 2021

Wedding Guest Outfit

 We have a September family wedding and this is my outfit...

I decided to go with Metallic Colors and sparkles wearing this dress from BSB fashion. In this look I am trying to ad sparkle on sparkle with a sequenced belt and long oversized earrings with a metallic finish to go with the dress.

For makeup, I did not want to go overboard as the outfit is loud enough. Also keeping the shoes simple with black suede pumps. Trying always to wear comfy shoes to ensure I can enjoy the dance floor. The ankle braces are not really part of the outfit as I just never take them off :P

Silver and black tones to define the eyes and a more natural tone lipstick.

For my hair I straightened it with a straightening iron and used a few bobby pins to make a simple messy half-up due.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

8.1 Box Hair Color - Palette

 Hi! if you read my 10 ways to Welcome September post then you know that Having my hair pampered and renewed was coming up soon.

My basic hair goals this time was to remove any yellow tones that developed over the summer time and cut away any split and damaged ends.

I decided to do this at home and used store bought boxed color. I chose Palette 8.1 Intensive Color Cream and used two boxes for my hair length. Note: if your hair is any longer then mine in the bellow photo then you will defiantly need a 3rd box.

This was super easy to apply and I just followed the instructions as on the leaflet inside the box. After about 30 min I rinsed and dried to see the result and here it is...

After changing the color that i was super happy with! :) It is not a night to day difference, but it made my hair all more uniform from root to ends and did remove a lot of the yellow. I will probably use this color again!

I decided to do some snipping too. Obviously not on my own, but with the help of my hubby who knows what he is doing!

From the look on my son's face, you can tell he approves :) 

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

10 ways to Welcome September

 I am not sure why, but September feels like the month of new beginnings!

After the summer holidays and the hot weather simmers down we all start thinking of new starts at our usual routine. The need for a makeover. How we all get the urge to change our homes from light and bright to cozy and warm.

Here are 10 things to start your new beginnings in September:

1. Get a new Welcome Mat or put up a Welcome sign on your door or entrance way! This will make your home feel instantly more homey. 

2. Get a new hair cut! Trim the ends of your locks to get rid of dry or split ends. Try a new hair color or give your hair a little mask treatment to get it back in to hydrated shape after all the swimming and sun.

3. Get your first pumpkin! As soon as I start seeing pumpkins around I instantly feel like fall is here. Why not try a pumpkin spice candle :)

 4. Try some earthy tones! You can incorporate these new colors in your outfits, makeup routine, or in your home d├ęcor.

5. Stationary! No matter if you work at a desk or not. This is a perfect time to get some new stationary (note pads, post it notes, highlighters, cute pencils and pens). Having something new to wright with will brighten up your day just a little :)

6. Make a new playlist! Some new tunes in the car will help you get in to a great mood. Music can lift you up and calm you down; make a playlist to fit your mood and needs.

7. Take a long bath with all the works! Bath salts, coconut oil, your fave pampering products... Our skin gets super dry from the hot weather and water treatments, so soaking in a warm bath with all the good stuff for your skin in it will make you feel super relaxed and brand new.

8. Choose a new book! There has been a lot of swapping books going on. It is kind of a new trend!!! And this is the best season to start getting cozy with a good book!

9. Plant! Did you know that the month of September is a great planting month? Especially if you plan to plant from cutting. Plants like the chill in the air and feel as if it is a mini spring after the hot summer weather. So get your hands in the dirt and watch your plants and trees grow.

10. Tea Time! Take a tip from the Queen and have High Tea. You will feel like a child again and it will be whimsical and fun. Make a pot of tea, small sandwiches, little cakes and some good company.