Tuesday, March 20, 2018

TASTE BY ME - Easter Treats

It is no secret that the Easter season gives us the munchies... At every corner there are chocolate treats being dangled in front of us, but how to choose? 

Well, TASTE BY ME has been tried and tested and highly recommended!!! 
A young lady by the name of Elina, not long ago started up a small business using her talents and vision. She started creating beautiful treats for all celebratory events and soon her small but highly equipt kitchen has become a treasured spot in the small village of  Klirou. 

I personally trusted Elina with the celebrations of the most important boys in my life my son Mario and Godson Sotiri. Both of their birthday cakes looked and tasted heavenly!

And this Easter Taste By Me is once again providing stunning treats for our festive tables... So i recommend that you put in your order sooner then later to get the chance to try and enjoy the best of the best! 

Here are a few more creations by Taste By Me....

This was Tried and Tested by Natasha Essentials!