Tuesday, September 21, 2021

10 Red Hair Colors for Autumn

Ok yes! lets talk red! You know how they say there is a shade of red lipstick for every complexion? Well I believe there is a red hair color for every girl...

Red can be a dynamic color and can give you the edge you looking for, or choose a different shade and it can be soft, romantic and beautiful too.

Here are some of the red hair colors to look for this Autumn...

1. Copper Red! A warm tone shade for warm tone complexions. It looks very natural and still gives you that stand out look.

Image by Beautiful Faces on Tumbler

2. Strawberry & Strawberry Ombre! If you transitioning from blonde hair to red, then this shade of strawberry will be perfect for you. 

Image found on yourclassylook.com

3. Burgundy! A striking color that will turn heads. Great for transitioning from brown hair to this luxurious color.  

Image found on https://www.sumcoco.com

4. Urban & Copper! I feel like this is a stunning shade. I believe it would suite both light and dark skin complexions because of the color depth and how it has high and low lights.

Image found on Pinterest.

5. Ombre Red using lighter shades! Again perfect for transitioning from a lighter hair color.

Image found on https://www.bloglovin.com

6. Fire Red! You probably need a fiery personality to pull off this look but for sure this is a statement and you will definitely not go unnoticed.

7. Ginger Red! There is something sweet and romantic when your hair has the color of a perfect sunset.

Image found on https://bmodish.com

8. Pumpkin Spice Latte! Yep, apparently this is a color name and a beautiful one too. I love that it is a mixture of light browns warm blondes and light red.

9. Magenta with Highlights! I new way to do pink. Some cool tones with some blonde lights to give it life and depth.

Image found on Pinterest.

10. Chocolate Red! Turn your Chocolate brown in for this breathtaking rich color.

Image found on Pinterest.

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