Saturday, August 28, 2021

A Jacket to Die for

There are certain pieces that when you put them on, they make you feel empowered and great about yourself... This has always been true for me when it comes to a great jacket!

I feel like the right jacket can transform any outfit from blah to awe. With September around the corner, it is the perfect time to shop for a new in-between season jacket. I am absolutely obsessed with this embroidered faux leather jacket...

Press on image to find out where to buy it!

If you have not realized it up to now, I am in love with most things floral or with a flower detail especially when done with style and great design. I feel like these details of embroidered flowers and metallic studs give it an Edgy but Boho feeling that I relate to and love.

I think that the black would be perfect for the fall-autumn season and the cream color perfect for the spring. Nevertheless they are both stunning and I have not yet made up my mind which I love more...