Sunday, April 21, 2013

DIY Wedding

Here are a few projects that i have started while getting ready for my own wedding.
I chose to go with a vintage feeling for the whole wedding theme using soft pink and white with silver highlights.
Up to now planning has been fun and; this is what i have been up to:

So in the Orthodox Church, when a couple gets married there is a part of the ceremony where the priest places a α "crown"on each if the couples head which are attached with a ribbon. During the ceremony the priest alternates the crowns from the brides hard to the grooms and from the grooms hard to the brides symbolizing the shearing amongst the couple. Then the couple walk around the alter 3 times Which signify their first steps as a wed couple. 

My very own wedding Invitation

My very own wedding invitation
Theme & Color: Vintage, Lace, Pink, Silver & pastel 

Date: 2013
Designed by: Natasha G.

Tinkerbell themed Christening Invitation

Here is one for the fairy lovers.
Theme & Color: Tinkerbell, Pink & Lime green.

Date: 2013
Designed by: Natasha G.

Joined Wedding & Christening Invitation

Joined design for a Wedding & Christening invitation.
Theme & Colors: Gold and Red

Date: 2013
Design by: Natasha G.