Sunday, March 31, 2019

London Skyline Ring

So my friend Maria who lives here in Cyprus is a super London fan. She hops on a plane every chance she gets and it seems like she left a part of her self in London when she spent a few years studying there. This month was her birthday and i am super exited to find her a gift that she will love!
When i came across this super sentimental gift i was so excited i though i should share it with you guys...

Here it is the beautiful Ring of the London Skyline made from 925 Sterling Silver! 
The ring features the Big Ben, the London eye, Buckingham Palace and London Gherkin egg building Tower Bridge.Check out these actual photos...

Hey! Another super cool thing about this ring is that you can't go wrong with the size because It will fit any finger's size as it can be bend.

Great Gift Tried and Tested!

Bamboo Bag Obsession

Ok! So summer is almost here and i am already Obsessing with the new sunshine items. I am totally crushing on this Bamboo Bag that comes in two sizes; as a bag or a little clutch. I love the Natural look of the naked wood but it seems to be available in other colors too. Maybe white would be cool too. But i am defiantly going for the natural one first!

Hope you love this as much as i do... See you soon on the sea sand x x x