Friday, September 17, 2021

10 September Activities to get in to the Autumn Mood

September is the month to slowly sink in to the weather change and transition your mood from summer vibes to cozy. Here are 10 activities to do before the month is over...

1. Have a Bon Fire! 

Before the nights become to cold to sit outside have a intimate group of friends come over for a night of roasted marshmallows, warm wine, hot coco, and spicy sausages. This is something the little ones will love too, so get them involved by having them gather some wood and set up with pillows and blankets. This will also be a great opportunity for some star gazing!

2. Movie Night! 

This is the perfect season to make a watching list. Choose some old and new movies to watch and also start watching new series (there are always new programs starting in September). The great thing about being prepared with a pre-watch list, is that when you have those few couple of hours to sit down and watch something; you wont be wasting any time on last minute searching.

3. Gather some Nuts!

Make like a little chipmunk and start gathering nuts for the winter. Nuts and dried fruits pack loads of nutrients, fibers, vitamins, proteins and iron. They are a great healthy snack  for when you are on the go!! Consuming dry fruits and nuts will enhance energy levels and stamina. It is also great for your digestive system to have dietary fibers so try some apricots, walnut's and pistachios.

4. Last chance Plant!

September is a cheat Spring! This is when the weather cools down after the summer heat and the first rains start to come down. Plant are tricked in to believing that it is spring for a while and take well when planted during this time. So take this window of planting opportunity and plant a tree now so that it may have some growth by the summer.

5. Change your bedding!

Nothing makes you feel more cozy than an inviting warm bed! Mix textures and colors to give your bed a welcoming feel. 

6. Start a New Project! 

Start something you can enjoy from beginning to end! Give your self something to look forward to and a goal to achieve! If you like writing; start a journal! If you like art; create an art wall or start a new art project! Do you like gardening? Make a rockery! Breath some new life in to old furniture, Start a collection, Gather friend and make a new group... the sky is the limit. Find one of the things you love and dive in to it with no fear only excitement!

7. Have a Wine Tasting!

Do you love wine or do you not know the slightest thing about it? Have some fun by buying some different kinds of wine and learn which are the ones you like the most! It is a fun way to start conversations and enjoy some company.

8. String lights!

Make any room or area look magical with some string lights! If you don't want to go all out just add a touch of magic with a jar filled with lights. You will be amazed how these little touches around your space can be a mood changer.

9. Buy a new personal item!

You don't have to splurge but something new will put that extra skip in your step! A new hat for the season, a soft scarf, a watch, some fluffy socks or a new shade of lipstick... as long as you pick something that sparks bliss feelings, you are on the right track. 

10. Cook for your family!

If this is not something you are used to doing, making a meal for your family will show them you care and appreciate them. It does not have to be anything grand. You can keep it easy and simple buy making breakfast or try making home made pitsa. If cooking is something you do all day everyday... then you are probably an expert on what is everyone's favorite! Why not make a family favorite and gather.

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