Thursday, September 9, 2021

Couture Bridal Gowns by Kim Kassas - Spring 2022 Collection

 If you are planning a 2022 wedding, don't miss out on these whimsical wedding gowns inspired by the depth of the woods. It is definitely a fairytale look which brings magic to life. The "In to the woods" Capsule Bridal Collection by Kim Kassas is my latest bridal obsession.  

Click the image bellow to see the full  "In to the woods" collection.

If you like your dress to have a little theatrical drama then the Prima Ballerina is the right collection for you. With intricate beaded work and textures that make you want to touch, these dresses exude femininity. I find references to swan lake in the details and also reminiscent of the Great Gatsby...

Click the image bellow to see the full  " Prima Ballerinacollection.

I feel like the next collection by Kim Kassas "Mon Amour" feels elegant and luxurious. It is defiantly a Fashionistas choice. Tailored to perfection and draped to compliment the silhouette. Just Beautiful!!!

Click the image bellow to see the full "Mon Amour" Bridal Collection.

Hope you love these 2022 collections just as much as I do, enjoy!!!

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